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Saturday, July 30, 2011

second encounter

this is the 2nd time i encounter this.

The 1st time was in sg. when i was walking home from MRT after work, this boy, around 12 years old bump into me and tell me a big story about him lost his wallet and bla bla bla, got me to lend him 20 over dollars, i open my wallet only have 15 dollars or so, then i lent him 12 dollars in the end and i had 3 dollars left for my dinner.

This time is in the airport in Bangkok. This chinese couple came up to me and asked me to lend them some money. Lost wallet, need to change air ticket to go home, bla bla bla. They asked for 2000 thai baht, i open my wallet only have 1000+ THB. cant do anything and ended up going to the ATM to withdraw money to lend it to them. They went off with my namecard and address.

I hope they are really people in trouble and they are good people. :(

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